Palty Candy Ash Review

 Hi! :) Here's a review of Palty's new colour; Candy Ash. I've always been very drawn to ash brown hair and have made many failed attempts in reality and in my fantasy :P  If you haven't seen my other hair dye reviews, check them out: Palty Sparkling Bleach and Lemon Tea Blond and Liese Milk Tea Brown.
An honest thought before I even purchased this; I don't like Palty dyes... not at all. Despitre their cute packaging and wonderful image, their product design for their foam hair dyes are quite horrible. I  much prefer the Liese ones that come in a bottle and leave absolutely no mess. But this new colour really called to me and I wanted to try it regardless.

 So this was my hair colour before the dying process. I had previously dyed it with Fresh Light Airy Ash which gave it a beautiful ash brown colour. The ashy tones lasted about a week and faded to this warm orangey brown 3 months later. It is pretty difficult to maintain ash tones on Asian hair, just like it is to maintain blonde. However, in regards to ash tones, the Candy Ash's result gave a better output than Airy Ash, despite the vibrancy that's promised from Fresh Light.

 Standard procedures, mixing chemicals and dyes. I find it quite annoying and difficult to do this because if not mixed properly, the foam becomes clumpy. You need to make sure that once you've poured in the 'water based oxide' and the cream dye, you must first lift the paddle up and down before stirring it. It will ensure a good, if not better consistency.
So here's the result! I love the colour. It's hard to tell but it made my overall hair colour darker. But the ash tones are definitely noticeable. I will keep this post updated for better photos and progress photos, stay tuned. So what's my verdict?

Palty Candy Ash Review 3.5/5 

  • Colour output was good
  • Fairly easy application
  • Did not smell bad
  • Did not dry out my hair
  • Result hardly corresponded to indicator
  • Very, very messy
  • Conditioner a little useless
  • Difficult to achieve even consistency when mixing


  1. I like your review, the photos are very clear. I also like the cute bucket from the product >.< where did you buy it? and how much?

  2. I love palty dyes! I've got a review for the bleach and strawberry jam dye coming out soon so I hope you have a look at mine too :)

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