Paffu Cara Blue Lens Review!

Hi everyone! I'm overdue for a blog post! Have you checked out Paffu yet? They're a Brisbane-based store that sells an incredible range of circle lenses (also available in prescription) and very comparable prices. Check out Paffu's Facebook page here! Also, don't forget to like their other page for updates!
Today I'll be doing a review on the I.Fairy (New Series) Cara Blue. These lenses can be purchased from Paffu shop so please go and check them out!

The Cara Blues are very special in that they are 3-tone lenses. They include a variation of blue, green and yellow. Because of this, they deliver a very bright colour output and almost make your eyes appear as if they are 'shimmering'. These are quite large in diameter (16.2mm) and are very dolly.

 The different colours in the lens can be observed in this closeup

Overall, I really love the lenses. They do not have a thick limbo ring and they are still able to deliver a dolly and eye-enlargening effect. Colour lost half a star, only because I felt that the small yellow specs of the lens made them look a little unnatural. But the vibrancy of the blue is very commendable and so 4.5 stars. I gave 4 stars for the design because there is nothing articulate or intricate on the design of the lens. However, I trust that the design is the main contribution to the overall output of colour, so 4 stars. 5 stars for enlargement because... need I say? :P 4 stars for comfort because they do tend to dry quite quickly since they are large. They're a little difficult to put on as well because they are so big. 5 stars for price! I was given these lens for review purposes but I would be happy paying $25 for such high quality lenses. In terms of circle lens brands, GEO and I.Fairy go head to head for me. I am never dissatisfied when it comes to any of these lenses :) These lenses were great! I also have the Cara Green to try and may write a review in the future on them. You may need to wear heavy makeup to compensate for such large lenses. Otherwise they may appear very alien-like :) 

Thank you for reading this review! I hope it helps you in your choices as there are so many at Paffu Shop! Here is a direct link to the lenses themself: meow.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I really like the lens colour!! And I actually think the yellow specs make your eyes pop (at least in pictures) :P

  2. Wow these lenses look so good >o<
    I also wear blue lenses but for some reason, the colour of mine isn't as obvious as yours ;a;

    Much love, haycheepoo :3

    1. It depends on which lenses I guess. I've worn some that don't really come out well on brown eyes.
      But these ones are really bright! :D Impossible to miss.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Woww; these big eye circle lenses are looking so vibrant; guess your eyes are dark brown? Still i am impressed that the vibrancy is so dominant!
    Love your eyes. They making a good combo with your pale skin; but will you recommend these I fairy cara blue circle lenses to someone with wheatish skin? Skin one that is indian?


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