GEO WMM-506 Princess Mimi Latte Brown Review

These are currently my favourite lenses of all time! They work well with both natural and heavy makeup. I got these from Paffu shop which I've already previously mentioned before. 
But I love them! Check them out here.

With Flash
Natural Lighting
Natural Lighting
Natural Lighting
Natural Lighting

The GEO WMM-506 are two tone and 15mm lenses. They feature a brown limbo ring that gives a very natural enlarging effect. The design also features a pattern that resembles latte art which actually looks really nice on the eyes. Blends really well with my natural brown eyes.

Overall, these are my new favourite lenses. AND I KNOW I ALWAYS SAY THAT. I promise I wasn't paid to say good things about these but I honestly love them. The brown limbo ring makes it possible to wear these lenses with very minimal makeup which is rare to find in 15mm lenses. They also look just as good with heavy makeup and won't look "too much". I only gave 4 stars for Colour because it's a very standard brown that is common in many other lenses available. The main part of these lenses though is the design, which I give 5 stars for! A very unique pattern that doesn't look weird on the eyes, blends very nicely. I'm not sure how they would be on lighter coloured eyes though. 
I gave 4 stars for enlargement because it is a very natural effect. And 5 stars for comfort because I can wear them for hours without them drying out. I gave 4 stars for price because they are a bit pricey but quality and comfort is definitely guaranteed. They last for a year after opening but it is recommended to throw them out if you wear them often after 6 months. I think that's a pretty good deal :)
Overall, I give 4.5 stars. I LOVE THESE!

Here is an example of what the lenses look like with heavier makeup and false lashes:

Thank you for reading this review. I hope it helps you in your choices as there are so many more at Paffu Shop. Here is a link to the lenses themself. They are the ones on the right hand side.


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  2. you are adorable! I really want to buy some cute lenses now :)

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  3. Nice blog you have! (Found you through Wengie.) I have the same lenses and I really like them. If you wonder how they look on blue eyes you can check out my entry about them here:
    I write in swedish though, but the pictures kinda speak for themselves. Don't they? ^^

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    1. Thank you Cayumi!
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