It's Christmas soon already and you know what Christmas reminds me of? Holidays. Travel. Food and ridiculous amounts of time to do absolutely nothing at all. But that was a long time ago. Now, even the longest break away from reality can feel like only an hour of your day; gone within a glimpse. 
The older we become, the more we have to worry and stress about things that we just can't avoid.
 We start to value time more and more because we are getting less and less of it.
It's not to say that growing up completely sucks... but we all know it sort of does.

All these photos were taken at different times, both at home and travelling abroad.
They are the only tokens of blissful memories that I hold from the past.
I'm feeling so lost and desperate for more time in a day. Even if I can find that time for myself, the world will keep spinning and everyone around me will continue to rush by.


  1. It is soo true! It seems like time is going faster and faster when you grew up. More stress and responsibilities. The society who wants you to fulfill tasks. Yes, sometimes I'm longing to be a child again :D

    1. Definitely agree. So sad :( hahaha


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