My Travel Necessities

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  1. I love using the Maybelline makeup remover! It's so good at removing everything from my face ^^
    And i love your makeup bag, its so pretty, the zebra print looks really good with the minty green colour~


    1. That's great to hear!! I bought it because it's a nice size for travelling :D Can't wait to try it!
      And thank you! It was only $15 and fits everything! 8)

  2. hi! i hope you see this and reply :) recently i dyed my hair at a salon and it came out a horrid orange colour ): i didnt bleach my hair tho!! so im wondering if i can tone my hair even without bleaching? cause i really really hate my current hair colour. I cant dye another colour yet though, because the hair dye kinda burnt a small part of my scalp, so i cant put chemicals on my hair yet ): do you think if i bought a blonde toner, intensive conditioner and manic panic in blue and mix it in the ratio you suggested, i'd be able to maybe tone down the orange colour?
    thanks in advance :)


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