Absolutely love the formula of these lipsticks. I would always buy one then spend the next week pondering whether I should have bought another colour, even having had a similar one in a different brand. In the end, I gave in and bought the colours that I wanted. Colours are very difficult to get a hold of here in retail. I purchased #304 Nude Peach and #305 Double Shot from Hanaro Mart in Pinelands for $22.00AUD (which wasn't a very good idea since the lipsticks had been opened previously and there was no safety seal. Always remember to double check! I was silly). Loved the colour and pigment in Double Shot but absolutely hated Nude Peach. #304 Nude Peach swatches nicely but has no colour payoff whatsoever on the lips. You might as well be putting lip balm on. 
About a week later, I bought #608 Hala from MyCube at Sunnybank for $25.00AUD. The price was a lot steeper there, but there are more colour selections and I was curious to see how the pink tube would look. When I thought Double Shot was good, I was clearly mistaken; because Hala is even better! This is a beautiful warm pink colour that can be worn on a day-to-day basis. 
Right after my last exam for the semester, 1 week later, I bought #301 Chiffon Pink thinking it'd be a beautiful light pink. Unfortunately, similarly to Nude Peach, it swatches nicely but doesn't give much colour payoff, even after 2+ coats. These lighter colours tend to be more sheer so I started to avoid purchasing those (e.g. Honey Pink). 
Then about a few days later, I bought #409 Kiss Woo and #107 Bad Pink which are my favourite lip colours at the moment. Compared to Hala, Bad Pink is a cool toned pink which hints of purple. Goes really well with a pink blush. I don't even know how to describe #409 Kiss Woo but it's beyond beautiful. Makes any night look appear put together and glamorous. Swatches as a cool toned red but warms up the complexion on the lips. 

Lip Lacquer in # Hawaiian Pink. A beautiful creamy formula that gives great colour and a matte/powdery finish. I can imagine that this could also double as a blush. I tend to prefer lighter pinks on the lips and opted for the lightest pink shade they had. However, having said that, this colour is a lot darker than the official pictures on Style Nanda, so eye makeup needs to be worn to balance the contrast.  

Powdery Lip & Cheek in #Popo. The formula is creamy but gives a powdered finish. Requires quite a bit of product to be noticeable but has great staying power. Popo is a beautiful pale pink with cool undertones. More suitable for fair skin.

Natural Finish Loose Powder in #001. Haven't had much of a chance to try this yet but so far, so good. Gives a natural finish and the powder is very fine. 

When I bought this, I was worried that there were different shades, but to my surprise, they only have one set of colours. The two browns are versatile, however, both appearing as a light ash brown and dark ash brown but blend naturally into brows. Top with eyebrow mascara to complete the look. More suited to light brown hair and medium/dark brown as opposed to blonde or black. 

The waterful concealer in #001 is my favourite concealer of all time. Have used it in both Summer and Winter and it's proven to handle any climate conditions. The formula is watery and super easy to blend into the skin. Coverage is buildable and does not cake. 

 Lip pigment in #Bright Orange is indeed a beautiful bright orange. A little goes a long way, can give a beautiful peach colour if mixed with concealer on the lips and a beautiful coral on the cheeks when blended. Staying power is awesome on the cheeks but not on the lips. Would love to try other pigments.

Hope this post was helpful. Any questions, please leave them down below.


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