Schwarzkopft Ultimate Colour Foam Review

I don't usually buy hair dyes in my local grocery store/chemist because their colour selections are always limited and/or they never do anything to my asian hair. Maybe it's something in the formula or that asian dyes contain higher levels of peroxide/bleach. Either way, trying to get my hands on asian dye is near impossible without either spending more than necessary or waiting a whole month before receiving it in the mail.
The Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour Foam Dye was on special at Coles for $10 down from $20. What caught my attention most was the words "multi-usage" and "permanent". I thought to myself, surely there could be no such thing... but no. it's real. You can literally take this out of the box, shake it up and use it. And if you're finished and there's still dye left, you can put the cap back on and leave it for next time. I KNOW AWESOME RIGHT?! I thought that this would be perfect for dying my regrowth because I waste so much dye if I'm just using it for regrowth so I bought this to try it out. 
The colour I purchased was 700 Dark Blonde which is actually their second lightest colour available. I never refer to names of colours or hair swatches though because 99% of the time they're inaccurate. The best way to determine how much a dye will lighten your hair is by the number they have on the box. (1 being black and 10 being blonde, also provided that the dye does contain peroxide as that is an essential chemical in order to lighten hair colour). My original hair colour sits between a 6-7 because it's a light brown, so purchasing dyes that are between those levels will achieve similar results.

As you can see, the 'bottle' is actually two tubes stuck together. I believe that one side contains the colour mixture and the other is the foam. When squeezing out, you will notice that the colour and the foam is not homogeneous, so you need to mix it in your hand when you pump it out.

Photos of my stunning regrowth. Read it and weep.

Shake the bottle 15-20 times then take the cap off; the dye is ready to go! The foam is also really dense so it made applying it on my own super easy :)

The left the colour in for 30 minutes then rinsed out with the conditioner that it came with. To be honest, not one of the best dye conditioners I've used, fragrance is a bit too strong too but otherwise, not too bad.

What it looked like after being briefly blow dried.

What it looks like now completely dry.

My verdict for this product is a 4/5★★★★ 
The result is not very noticeable unless placed side by side with a photo prior to dying. I don't feel like it completely dyed my roots as I can still notice that the hair in that region is still darker than the rest of my hair. But honestly, I don't mind too much, I just don't want my roots to be super noticeable so I'll settle for a $10 reusable dye :P If it wasn't for the fact that this dye was reusable then I would have given a much lesser rating.

I hope my review was somewhat helpful to some of you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in a comment. Thank you so much for reading :) If you have any post requests, also feel free to suggest them.


  1. Even your regrowth is gorgeous! *super creepy winky face* <3


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