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Hopped into Lush the other day and was hoping to grab a hold of the new limited edition Northern Lights bath bomb but they hadn't gotten their shipment of it yet :( Will film demos of these when I get the chance - right now my room smells overwhelmingly fragrant. A lovely staff member told me that for the first few months of working there, she would constantly have headaches from the overwhelming fragrance. Now, it doesn't smell like anything anymore. I thought that was funny :P


  1. Ah, I love lush! I tried the Northern Lights one, it's soooo pretty and my skin felt so good after~ <3 Sakura is really nice, it was my first bath bomb. I'm hoping to try more! c: I wanted to work at the lush store near me but it's a 20 minute drive without traffic so I can't. :(

    1. Oh my gosh sameeee! I haven't had the chance to try the Northern Lights one yet but I also live really far from the closest lush store so haven't been able to go get it :( Hope it's not out of the stock yet :(((((
      How was the Sakura one for you? :D I'm so keen to try these but I rarely take baths AHAH


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