Luna Lens EOS Ice Grey Review

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The EOS Ice Grey lenses can be purchased from Luna Lens on Facebook or at their Cube at MyCube! Please go and check them out as they are lovely, lovely ladies who provide excellent service! 
This was my first time trying EOS and I have to admit, I was surprised. The lenses are so thin and so comfortable that wearing them for 4+ hours resulted in little to no discomfort. 

The grey is a cool toned grey and comes off as a pure colour, rather than something that can be misinterpreted from afar. It also has an incredibly unique design that gives off a subtle halo effect around the eyes when worn. I find that I need to wear heavier makeup to suit these lenses as they are 14.8mm in diameter and don't appear natural. Since there is no limbo ring like other lenses usually do, they don't come off too dramatic. In terms of comfort, they are definitely one of the more comfortable lenses I've worn and will definitely turn to this pair for special events in the future. 
This pair is a definite MUST HAVE because of its comfort, design and versatile colour that will suit all sorts of skin complexions. More lens reviews from Luna Lens coming soon! Stay tuned for EOS Briller Brown, Briller Blue and Yuna Grey! <3


  1. Your pictures look great and the lenses seem cool!

  2. I have never tried contact lenses but I often do see EOS reviews so they must be a pretty awesome brand! (definitely keep an eye out for the future) I was wondering how long you should keep the contact lenses for- if they have an expiry date or something? Great review :)

    1. Hey Weng! <3
      Thanks for your comment! This is my first time trying EOS and out of the 4 lenses that I received, I absolutely adore them all over the GEO brand. The lenses expire after one year of opening, but it is advised to throw them out at 6 months if you wear them often because of the protein build up. Either way, the most important thing is to use with care and remember that you only have one pair of eyes :)
      If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!


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