Luna Lens EOS Briller Brown Review

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The EOS Briller Brown lenses can be purchased from Luna Lens on Facebook or at their Cube at MyCube! Please go and check them out as they are lovely, lovely ladies who provide excellent service and are absolutely amazing at what they do! If you haven't already done so, check out my previous review of the EOS Ice Grey lenses also from Luna Lens.

As previously mentioned before, this is one of the few EOS lenses that I've tried for the first time since ever before. Absolutely amazed and impressed by the comfort of these lenses. These are also quite natural as they do not have a distinct ring around the edges and have a comfortable 14.5mm diameter.

These lenses are a very natural brown but can be mistaken for a hazel or a green colour from afar. It has a very simple design that blends well with eyes but can sometimes slip around on the eye and look creepy (when the pupils are not centred). The enlargement is natural, but not too dramatic; enough to tell that someone is wearing lenses but not enough for it to look crazy. These can be worn with minimal makeup and looks just as good with heavier makeup. The comfort is hands down superb and I have no trouble wearing these for long periods of time. A great pair for work and/or uni; a good balance in between something natural and something that screams, "I'm wearing circle lenses". 
More lens reviews from Luna Lens coming soon! Stay tunes for EOS Briller Blue and Yuna Grey! <3


  1. Wow you are very pretty and also your lenses!!


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