Luna Lens EOS Briller Blue Review

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The EOS Briller Blue lenses can be purchased from Luna Lens on Facebook or at their Cube at MyCube! This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. If you haven't already done so, check out the reviews I did for EOS Briller Brown and EOS Ice Grey, both from Luna Lens.

Colour and Design: 

From what I've experienced so far in the Briller series, their colours seem to be quite subtle and the same goes for this blue. It will appear vibrant in flash photography but not so much in natural lighting, especially from afar. I feel like a lighter hair colour would really make these lenses pop; which I unfortunately lack. Likewise with colour, the design is very subtle and blends with the eyes seamlessly. 


The label says that these lenses have a 14.8mm diameter but I'm not quite sure if they're that big. I feel they are closer to 14.5mm, but I can't be certain. Either way, they are on the larger size of "natural" looking lenses, but because there isn't a limbo ring, they can still appear natural whilst looking dolly, depending on how you wear makeup with it.


Again, similarly to my previous review of the Briller Brown, these are just as comfortable! I feel that they are quite thin and I can wear them for a full day without being too uncomfortable. 


I really do love the overall design, enlargement and comfort of these lenses. But I just can't help but feel they don't suit me. Whenever I wear them, I always later take them out and opt for a brown or a grey. Perhaps this colour is a step out of my comfort zone! Though if you're a fan of blue circle lenses and want a natural flare, definitely give these a go because they are so comfortable and look so nice! Makes me want to try the whole series <3 If you're interested in purchasing these lenses, make sure you pop over to Luna Lens and drop them a message! They will be sure to take care of you :)


  1. I like the color tbh! But you did an honest review c:


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