Luna Lens EOS Yuna Grey Review

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The EOS Yuna Grey lenses are probably one of my favourite out of all the lenses I own. My intention was to achieve a natural look but still appear as though I'm wearing coloured lenses. And I just love the way grey contacts look because they can be so mysterious and unique on every complexion. Luna Lens were very kind to suggest these to me after hearing what my preferences were. 

Colour and Design: 

I definitely have to give this category a high score because the colour blends so naturally with the eye that it could come across as someone's natural eye colour from afar. It has subtle flecks of brown towards the centre which makes the lenses ever more interesting and unique.


Not much going for enlargement, as these are supposed to be more natural. The label says that these lenses are 14.5mm, but I feel they may be a little smaller than that. Perhaps this is a common misconception for lenses like these due to their lack of a limbo ring. But they do not come off as dramatic lenses and can certainly be worn with light and/or heavy makeup without appearing as if it were too much. 


Unfortunately, unlike the other EOS lenses, I found that I wasn't able to wear these for as long as the other ones (i.e. Briller series). Which is a shame, because I love these lenses so much but can't wear them for more than a few hours. Despite this, not everyone will experience the same scenario as everyone's eyes are different. I've heard similar things where some lenses were very comfortable for some, but horrible for others. 


They did a great job with colour and design for these lenses. They also have this in a brown which I would be curious to try. They look so dreamy I love them so much. I also feel that these would be great lenses for those who have just started wearing circle lenses and don't want something too dramatic, but still want to have some flare. Or others who want something that can still be professional at work, whilst playful for a day out. If you're interested in purchasing these lenses, feel free to pop over to Luna Lens and drop them a message!


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